HotButton AllergyAsthmaAsthma is a disease that causes the air passages in the lungs to become inflamed and swollen. No one is sure what causes asthma, but you can learn how to keep it under control. Our asthma team can help you take care of your asthma. By taking the proper medications, avoiding triggers that lead to asthma symptoms, and visiting your doctor regularly, you can live a healthy and productive lifestyle.

We will provide you with the education and tools necessary to treat your asthma. These include a customized asthma action plan, access to asthma-related equipment, pulmonary function testing and education. Your health care team can inform you of the proper way to exercise while keeping control of your asthma.

Sports & Asthma

SportsAsthmaExercise-induced asthma (EIA) is a form of asthma that is triggered by physical activity. Asthma causes inflammation and sensitivity to the small airways of the lungs. When triggered by exercise or other environmental substances, the lung’s airways can spasm or constrict.

People with exercise-induced asthma typically experience asthma symptoms only when they exercise. Exercise-induced asthma is more common when the weather is cold and dry, or the level of pollution or allergens in the air is high. It is also more common in those with poor physical conditioning or respiratory infections.

Exercise-induced asthma is best managed when a patient and their doctor work together to identify, eliminate and control triggers, choose the most effective preventive and maintenance medications, and have an asthma emergency plan.

Regular exercise helps to maintain a healthy body and lungs. Dr. Cockerell and the asthma team will help you maintain your exercise and activity level while being properly treated.

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