Thomas Seck DOI've wanted to be a pediatrician since I was 16. I always knew, even from my "tween" years, that I wanted to work with kids, but until I volunteered at the Kansas City Veteran's Administration (VA) Hospital at 16, I didn't know exactly how. One day, and I remember it clearly, an elderly vet was in the ER dying of a heart attack. My life path was set when I tried to make a deal with God. I told him I'd become a doctor if that man could survive. He did. I don't know that my prayer had much to do with it, since I'm sure others were praying for him too, but I made a promise. Since then, nothing has given me more joy than to have a positive impact on the lives of children by helping them live as healthy a life as possible.

I grew up next to Royals stadium, and lived in KC until I left for Notre Dame at 18. Prior to leaving for medical school in Phoenix, I worked as a volunteer teacher in Mobile, AL and an ER tech at Children's Mercy and Research Medical Center in Kansas City. I then moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma for my internship, where I met my wife, a wonderful woman and an excellent ER doctor. We lived apart for the next 2 1/2 years while I was a medical resident at Cardinal Glennon in St. Louis. After we married, I moved to Florida to be with my wife, and we finally had a chance to move to Kansas City in 2010. My parents and five of my six sisters live within an hour of my home in Grain Valley, so it has been wonderful to be home with them and to watch my nieces and nephews grow up.

Thomas Seck DO actionBeing at Cockerell & McIntosh has been a dream job. Everyone here is dedicated to providing the best care possible, and the office has a very family-like environment. It has given me the chance to practice medicine the way I feel it should be practiced. That includes letting me use my skills/philosophy as a DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) with the goal of making children and their families happier, by helping them be their healthiest in mind, body and spirit.